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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to our expanding list of services, we have split this page up into different service areas. Please choose a FAQ

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Website FAQ
Q Should I buy a package or get a customised quote?
Our packages are designed to meet the needs of our varied clientel and are highly flexible to suit your needs. Even though they are called 'packages' we do not work from templates so the possibilites are endless. The packages serve as guidelines however, if a service you require is not included in the package, it will often be available as an addition. If you are uncertain, then do not hesitate to contact us or request a custom quote, and we will advise you on the best .com for you.

Q What will my .com be called?
We will research the availablity of desirable domain names (these are issued on a first come first served basis so we can not guarentee your first choice). Once you have selected your .com we will secure it for you. [More Info]

Q How long before my site is live on the Internet?
Depending on the complexity of your site and how how quickly you provide us with the information and images you require, the site development can take between 2 days and 2 weeks.

Q Can I make changes?
After the site is complete, we offer aftercare services where we can update your site as frequently and as extensivly as required at a preferential rate.

We also offer an Advanced Content Management System which allows you to update the site yourself without any programming experience required.

Q How long do I get the site for?
The design and content are yours forever. The domain name, hosting and other services need to be renewed each year (all of our packages include the first year free of charge).

Q How do I pay?
You can pay for your site or services either by cash, cheque, bank transfer or credit/debit cards.
Our online invoicing system also allows you to pay online.

0845 Dailup FAQ
Q Will using you cost me more money?
Because the access is so much faster, you will almost certainly spend less time on-line. You only pay for the minutes you use at local rate. Also, with a no cut-off service, you will spend less time re-dialing and less time getting frustrated - meaning a more efficient and rewarding use of your time online.

Q What is the charge for local 0845 rate calls?
The cost of the calls are charged on your regular phone bill at an 0845 local rate. please contact your telephone company for their current price plan.

Q Are there any further charges?
No, other ISPs like AOL and U-NET all charge a monthly fee. Our members benefit from no monthly subscription fees.

Q What have I got to lose?
Nothing, you will recognise the benefits of the non-contended service straight away, however if you decide that you would prefer not to use it, you simply revert to clicking on the previous Internet Service Providers logo that you used before. Some software automatically deletes old versions, however we are so confident that you will like our service that we leave any other Internet Service Providers logo's on your desktop.

Q Can I use more than one ISP?
Yes, 60% of Internet users already do. Any previous Internet Service Providers logo's will remain on your desktop.

Q Do I need any additional hardware or software?
No! There is no new technology used, we simply offer a higher level of service than our competitors. The service uses a different telephone number.

Q Do I need to be computer literate?
No. Simply follow the set-up instructions that are emailed to you when you signup. They are written on the assumption that everyone who reads them understands very little about computers.
Q Will the service be quicker?
Yes, at busy times it will be approximately 3-5 times faster than most Internet Service Providers.

Q How / Why are we faster?
Currently all Internet Service Providers connect their customers to the Internet with the aid of one of a few companies (called Tier1 providers) who own the global infrastructure that is the backbone of the Internet. ISP's purchase the required amount of connection to the Internet (called bandwidth) from the Tier1 providers based on the number of users each ISP has.

Due to the cost of bandwidth, ISP's calculate their need based on the number of users that they believe will connect at any one time, (usually 1 in 100). However it is likely that 20 to 30 users in every 100 will be online at peak times, this is known as contention. This means you share your connection with other users slowing you down to an unbearable speed or preventing connection to the Internet altogether.

We however feel that this is unfair when you are paying good money for connection. So our model is to always provide enough bandwidth to allow all of our users to get online at any one time at the optimum speed of you equipment

Q Can I use my current email address?
Our service doesn't restrict you from accessing any external email accounts. However, some other ISP's may force you to dial in through them if you want to access email held with them.

Q Do I get a me@dialup.me.uk email address?
No. But feel free to use our Dialup service to access your existing email accounts.

Q Will you cut me off after so many hours?
We know that many other ISP's do this but why, it makes no sense. We do not cut-off your dialup connection after a set period as we believe that if you are dialed up and paying for that connection then you are entitled to an uninterupted service. Also, with a no cut-off service, you will spend less time re-dialing and less time getting frustrated - meaning a more efficient and rewarding use of your time online.

Q Can I keep my current dialup provider?

Q What If I don't like it?
You simply click on the logo of your old Internet Service Provider.

Q What is the minimum specification needed?
Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP or Apple Mac.

Telecoms FAQ
This FAQ will be available once all our services have been launched.

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